Tuition, Fees & Choice Program

Tuition and Assistance

St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School takes the responsibility of educating and nurturing your child very seriously. Our promise is to offer excellent academic programs that will ensure the best educational investment you can make for your child.

We understand that an investment in a quality education can be a sacrifice for some families. It is our firm belief that every child should have the opportunity to benefit from a St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School value-based education. We will never deny that opportunity because of a family’s financial circumstances.

Parental Choice Program and Tuition

Didyou know . . .

Returning and new families to St. Vincent Pallotti are eligible to apply for participation in Milwaukee Parental Choice (MPCP) OR Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP).

Determination of which program a student is eligible for is based on where in Wisconsin a student resides.

  • If a student resides in the City of Milwaukee, they are eligible to apply to the MPCP.
  • If a student resides outside the City of Milwaukee school district, they are eligible to apply to the WPCP.

Both programs have similar eligibility standards based on family size, income, and residency. The specific facts and figures are available on the below Parental Choice Program website.

Student eligibility, which is established by state law, varies for each program. Student eligibility is a combination of student residence, income and prior year attendance. There is also an age requirement that must be met for grades K4, K5, and 1.

If your household income is at or lower than the listed household income guidelines you may choose to place your child in private school at no cost to you:

2024-25 Income Limits for New Students

Milwaukee (MPCP), Racine (RPCP)
and Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP)

2024-25 Income Limits
Family SizeMPCP and RPCP Yearly Income*WPCP Yearly Income*
For each additional member add:$15,420$11,308
*If the student’s parents/legal guardians are married, their income is reduced by $7,000
when determining income eligibility for the program (i.e. married family
income minus $7,000 is the amount married families compare to the table)

For additional information about income limits, see the 2024-25 Income Limits resource.

To apply, simply click “CHOICE APPLICATION” below, and you will be able to complete your Choice application. Be sure to bring the required documentation to school within the registration period.
If you need help or have any questions, please contact the school office at 414-258-4165, where we can help you.

Both programs have similar eligibility standards based on family size, income, and residency.

If you do not qualify for the Choice Programs, you are still encouraged to apply! Our tuition is affordable and can be discounted for siblings. The rates are as follows:

Grades K4 – 8th
1 student = $4,250.00
2 students = $5,600.00
3 students = $6,950.00
4 students = $8,200.00

We will gladly set up a payment plan for those families that are interested.