A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Friends

We are the caretakers of a school community that uplifts and transforms its members. At St. Vincent Pallotti we inspire one another. We change one another. We see God’s spirit in all.

The educational experience at St. Vincent Pallotti grows and shapes ideas, attitudes, efforts, and even kindness. We tell of the unique and God-given spirit we see in each girl and boy as they express their thoughts, their art, their faith, their hopes.

We teach more than information and academic subjects. We teach how to relate. We work to see and name more clearly the good in each student. We teach to love and to forgive in the context of daily life in Catholic school community.

At St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School students enjoy a greater possibility to become their best. They can discover that each life has a reason. Each one can consider through the weeks and months of school what he/she has been born to do. Reflecting, interwoven with study of math, science, literature, language, history, religion, music, art, physical education, opens wide the doorway to each student’s true self. Join us in this inspirational and life-changing pursuit.

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